Advocating For a United 62A

As an advocate, person of color, experienced community leader, and policy advisor, I have learned that change can only occur if we can unite all our communities and provide our families the strong foundation to thrive. 



  • Advocate to raise income cap for services for working families; to provide families the ability to sustain their household.
  • Draft Legislation for rent control and provide landlords tax benefit for providing affordable housing.  
  • Address the challenges felons face accessing low-income affordable housing. Address barriers and creating programs to assist felons in obtaining affordable housing.

We are aware that the homeless population is a majority of low-income working families and felony-stricken residents. Raising the income cap to keep the benefits of childcare and SNAP will help families better opportunity to gain better employment in the future. Due to mass incarceration rates hve played a huge factor in the homeless of people of color and Indigenous people not having the ability to obtain affordable housing. There are so many changes that need to be made to help address the problem. This problem did not start overnight and has created a system that is oppressing POCI from living healthy, sustainable lives. I will dedicate my work to addressing these issues.


  • Universal Pre-K for all with non-income based requirements
  • Free Tuition for college students

Education is a key to achieving a healthy, optimistic life. Education must be free for everyone so that low income and working families no longer have to struggle between daily expenses and a future for their children. Children's futures are valuable and we need to provide them the tools for success regardless of economic status.


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Criminal Justice Reform

  • Lower the Incarceration Rate
  • Lower Felony Charges through the Restorative Justice Model
  • Address the Opioid Crisis through removing barriers for service providers

I want to the lower the incarceration rate by decriminalizing marijuana, lower felony charges for drug offenses as an restorative justice practice, and approv the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, including withdrawal from opioid addiction.

environmental justice

  • Lead to remove large industry polluters in the community
  • Create green jobs for youth
  • Promote green businesses and economic growth

The time of industries and destroying our mother earth should be relegated to the past. Lets unite with innovative plans on green energy and let's show how we can lead on economic sustainability through urban farming initiatives and green jobs.